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Human Resources Management - BA8204

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Human Resources Management

-:- What is Human Resource Management?
-:- Significance/importance/need of HRM(Human Resource Management)
-:- Scope of HRM(Human Resource Management)
-:- Functions of HRM(Human Resource Management)
-:- Evolution of human resource management
-:- Importance of the human factor
-:- Challenges in Human Resource Management(HRM)
-:- Inclusive Growth and Affirmative Action of HR in an Organisation
-:- Role of Human Resource Management(HRM)
-:- Human Resource Policies
-:- Human source Information System (HRIS)
-:- Human Resource Accounting and Audit
-:- Importance of Human resource planning
-:- Sources of Recruitment
-:- Recruitment- Process, Methods, Factor Affecting and Recruitment Policy
-:- Selection and Selection Procedure of Employee
-:- Induction - The induction timetable and process
-:- Socialization Benefits and Stages in socialization Process
-:- Types of Training Methods
-:- Training and Development Objectives in Human Resource Management
-:- Need for Employee Training
-:- Importance - Training and Executive Development
-:- Types of Employee Training
-:- Purpose and Benefits of training
-:- Executive Development
-:- Self Development and Knowledge management (KM)
-:- Compensation Plan
-:- Reward Management - Sustaining Employee Interest
-:- Motivation theories
-:- Career Management
-:- Development of Mentor
-:- Method of Performance Evaluation
-:- Feedback and Promotion
-:- Transfer and Types of Transfers
-:- Separation
-:- Implication of Job change Effects of Promotion
-:- The Evaluation and Control Process
-:- Grievance