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Development of Mentor

Mentor- Protégé Relationship, Requirements for effective mentor-protégé relationship



Developing Mentor-protégé relationship:


―The relationship between an experienced employer and a junior employee in which the experienced person helps the junior person with effective socialization by sharing information gained through experience with the organization.‖


Requirements for effective mentor-protégé relationship:


1. The status & characteristics of the mentor:


Mentors should be seniors in status, experience, age, skills, knowledge.


2.     Protégé: Junior employees should have the zeal to learn from their senior employees regarding their career, social and psychological aspect.


3.     The relationship: It is based on mutual dependence & mutual trust.


4.     The activities:



Developing the potentials of the protégé. Improving protégés performance


Interlinking formal learning & practices Guide, support, providing feedback


5.     Developing higher skills:


It should encourage their juniors towards high task performance by reducing


weakness & strength of the protégés.


6.  Response of the protégé:


Proteges should learn carefully regarding career opportunities, personal goals.




 Career development is an organized approach used to match employee goals with the business needs of the agency in support of workforce development initiatives. The purpose of career development is to:

Enhance each employee‘s current job performance.

Enable individuals to take advantage of future job opportunities. Fulfil agencies‘ goals for a dynamic and effective workforce.

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