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Software Testing


=> Testing as an engineering activity
=> Role of process in software quality
=> Testing as a process
=> Basic definitions in Software Testing
=> Software testing principles
=> The tester’s role in a software development organization
=> Origin of Defects
=> Defect classes, the defect repository and test design
=> Defect Examples: The Coin Problem
=> Developer/Tester Support for Developing a Defect Repository


=> Introduction to Testing Design Strategies
=> The Smart Tester
=> Test Case Design Strategies
=> Using black box approach to test case design
=> Random Testing
=> Equivalence Class Partitioning
=> Boundary Value Analysis
=> Other Black Box Test Design Approaches
=> Using white box approach to test design
=> Test adequacy criteria
=> Coverage and Control Flow Graphs
=> Covering Code Logic
=> Paths: Their Role in White Box-Based Test Design
=> Additional White Box Test Design Approaches
=> Evaluating Test Adequacy Criteria


=> The need for levels of testing
=> Unit test
=> Unit test planning
=> Designing the unit tests
=> The class as a testable unit
=> The test harness
=> Running the unit tests and recording results
=> Integration tests
=> Designing integration tests
=> Integration test planning
=> System test - The different types
=> Regression testing
=> Alpha, beta and acceptance tests


=> People and organizational issues in testing
=> Organization structures for testing teams
=> Test planning
=> Test plan components
=> Test plan attachments
=> Locating test items
=> Reporting test results
=> The role of three groups in test planning and policy development
=> Process and the engineering disciplines
=> Introducing the test specialist
=> Skills needed by a test specialist
=> Building a testing group
=> Defining terms - Controlling and Monitoring


=> Measurements and milestones for controlling and monitoring
=> Status meetings -Reports and control issues
=> Criteria for test completion
=> SCM
=> Review program
=> Types of Reviews
=> Components of review plans
=> Reporting review results

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