Software Testing - IT8076, IT6004

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Software Testing

Software Testing


Testing as an engineering activity
Role of process in software quality
Testing as a process
Basic definitions in Software Testing
Software testing principles
The testerís role in a software development organization
Origin of Defects
Defect classes, the defect repository and test design
Defect Examples: The Coin Problem
Developer/Tester Support for Developing a Defect Repository


Introduction to Testing Design Strategies
The Smart Tester
Test Case Design Strategies
Using black box approach to test case design
Random Testing
Equivalence Class Partitioning
Boundary Value Analysis
Other Black Box Test Design Approaches
Using white box approach to test design
Test adequacy criteria
Coverage and Control Flow Graphs
Covering Code Logic
Paths: Their Role in White Box-Based Test Design
Additional White Box Test Design Approaches
Evaluating Test Adequacy Criteria


The need for levels of testing
Unit test
Unit test planning
Designing the unit tests
The class as a testable unit
The test harness
Running the unit tests and recording results
Integration tests
Designing integration tests
Integration test planning
System test - The different types
Regression testing
Alpha, beta and acceptance tests


People and organizational issues in testing
Organization structures for testing teams
Test planning
Test plan components
Test plan attachments
Locating test items
Reporting test results
The role of three groups in test planning and policy development
Process and the engineering disciplines
Introducing the test specialist
Skills needed by a test specialist
Building a testing group
Defining terms - Controlling and Monitoring


Measurements and milestones for controlling and monitoring
Status meetings -Reports and control issues
Criteria for test completion
Review program
Types of Reviews
Components of review plans
Reporting review results

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