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Department: Electrical Electonics and Communication Engineering EEE ECE

Computer Architecture and Organization - EC8552

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Computer Architecture and Organization
-:- Eight Ideas
-:- Components of a Computer System
-:- Technology in Computer Architecture
-:- Computer Architecture: Performance
-:- Computer Architecture: Power Wall
-:- Uniprocessors to Multiprocessors
-:- Computer Architecture: Instructions
-:- Computer Architecture: Operations and Operands
-:- Computer Architecture: Representing Instructions
-:- Computer Architecture: Logical and Control Operations
-:- Computer Architecture: Addressing and Addressing Modes
-:- Arithmetic Operations: Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU)
-:- Arithmetic Operations: Addition and Subtraction
-:- Arithmetic Operations: Multiplication
-:- Arithmetic Operations: Division
-:- Floating Point Operations
-:- Arithmetic Operations: Sub Word Parallelism
-:- Basic MIPS Implementation
-:- Building Data Path and Control Implementation Scheme
-:- Pipelining
-:- Pipelined Data Path and Control
-:- Handling Data Hazards & Control Hazards
-:- Exceptions in Processor and Control Unit
-:- Memory Hierarchy
-:- Memory Technologies
-:- Cache Basics
-:- Measuring and Improving Cache Performance
-:- Virtual Memory
-:- TLBS- Input/Output System
-:- Programmed I/O
-:- DMA and Interrupts
-:- I/O Processors
-:- Glossary - Computer Architecture
-:- Instruction-Level-Parallelism
-:- Parallel Processing Challenges
-:- Flynn's Classification
-:- Hardware in Parallelism