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Thermal Engineering - ME6404

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Thermal Engineering
-:- Gas Power Cycles
-:- Process of Otto cycle, Diesel cycle, Dual combustion cycle and Brayton cycle
-:- Solved Problems: Gas Power Cycles
-:- Internal Combustion Engines
-:- Components and functions of IC Engines
-:- Fuel Systems
-:- Diesel knocking and detonation
-:- Ignition System
-:- Lubrication System
-:- Cooling System
-:- Engine performance Calculation
-:- Exhaust Smoke and Other Emissions
-:- Technical Terms of Internal Combustion Engines
-:- Solved Problems: Internal Combustion Engines
-:- Steam Nozzles and Turbines
-:- Steam Nozzles
-:- Steam Turbines
-:- Solved Problems: Steam Nozzles and Turbines
-:- Air Compressors
-:- Significance of Air Compressors
-:- Classification of Air Compressors
-:- Difference between a single and two stage compressor
-:- Rotary vane compressors and Multistage compression
-:- A Single Stage Reciprocating Compressor With Clearance Volume
-:- Volumetric efficiency of compressor
-:- Application of Compressors
-:- Technical Terms of Air Compressors
-:- Solved Problems: Air Compressors
-:- Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
-:- Refrigeration
-:- Classification of Refrigeration System
-:- Types of Air Conditioning
-:- Solved Problems: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
-:- Technical Terms of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning