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Control Systems


=> Basic elements of control system
=> Open loop and Closed loop systems
=> Mechanical Translational systems
=> Mechanical Rotational Systems
=> Modeling of electrical system
=> Transfer Function
=> Synchros
=> AC Servo Motors - Control Systems
=> DC Servo Motor - Control Systems
=> Block diagram reduction Techniques - Transfer Function
=> Signal Flow Graph Representation
=> Tutorial Problems: Control Systems - Systems and their Representation
=> Important Short Questions, Answers: Control Systems - Systems and their Representation


=> Time response
=> Time response analysis
=> Typical Input Signals
=> System Time Response
=> Steady State Error
=> P, PI, PD and PID Compensation
=> Impulse Response of a First Order System
=> Time Domain Specifications of a Second Order System
=> Root Locus Technique, Analysis and Application Procedure
=> Important Short Questions, Answers, Tutorial Problems: Time Response Analysis


=> Frequency Response
=> Bode plot
=> Polar plot
=> Nyquist Plot
=> Frequency domain specifications
=> Types of Compensation
=> Important Short Questions, Answers, Tutorial Problems: Frequency Response Analysis


=> Stability
=> Routh Hurwitz Criterion
=> Nyquist Stability Criteria
=> Relative stability
=> Important Short Questions, Answers, Tutorial Problems: Stability and Compensator Design


=> State space representation of Continuous Time systems
=> Solution of State equations
=> Concepts of Controllability and Observability
=> State space representation for discrete time systems
=> Sampled Data System and Sampling Theorem
=> Sample & Hold
=> Important Short Questions, Answers, Tutorial Problems: State Variable Analysis

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