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Firm nodular bulb within the tarsus.



Firm nodular bulb within the tarsus.

Epidemiology and etiology:

Chalazia occur relatively frequently and arecaused by a chronic granulomatous inflammation due to buildup of secretion from the meibomian gland.


The firm painless nodule develops very slowly. Aside from thecosmetic flaw, it is usually asymptomatic (Fig. 2.18).

Differential diagnosis:

Hordeolum (tender to palpation) and adenocarci-noma.


Surgical incision is usually unavoidable (Fig. 2.19).

After introducing the chalazion clamp, the lesion is incised either medi-ally, perpendicular to the margin of the eyelid, or laterally, perpendicu-lar to the margin of the eyelid (this is important to avoid cicatricial ectropion). The fatty contents are then removed with a curet.


Good except for the chance of local recurrence.

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