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Applications of Expert Sytem

There are several major application areas of expert system such as agriculture, education, environment, law manufacturing, medicine power system etc. Expert system is used to develop a large number of new products as well as new configurations of established products.



There are several major application areas of expert system such as agriculture, education, environment, law manufacturing, medicine power system etc. Expert system is used to develop a large number of new products as well as new configurations of established products. When established products are modified to include an expert system as a component or when an established product item is replaced with an expert system, the expert system supported entity is called intelligent. Expert systems are designed and created to facilitate tasks in the fields of accounting, medicine, process control, financial service, production, education etc. The foundation of a successful expert system depends on a series of technical procedures and development that may be designed by certain related experts.


Expert Systems are for everyone


Everyone can find an application potential in the field of expert systems. Contrary to the belief that expert systems may pose a threat to job security, expert systems can actually help to create opportunities for new job areas. No matter which is of business one is engages in, expert systems can fulfill the need for higher productivity and reliability of decisions. Some job opportunities offered by the expert system are listed below:


®   Basic Research


®   Applied Research


®   Knowledge Engineering


®   The development of Inference engine


®   Training


®   Sales and marketing


Expert System in Education


In the field of education, many of the expert system’s application are embedded inside the Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) by using techniques from adaptive hypertext and hypermedia. Most of the system usually will assist student in their learning by using adaptation techniques to personalize with the environment prior knowledge of student and student’s ability to learn. Expert system in education has expanded very consistently from micro computer to web based and agent based technology. Web based expert system can provide an excellent alternative to private tutoring at any time from any place where internet is provided. Agent based expert system will help users by finding materials from the web based on the user’s profile. Expert system also had tremendous changes in the applying of methods and techniques. Expert system are beneficial as a teaching tools because it has equipped with the unique features which allow users to ask question on how, why and what format. When it is used in the class environment, surely it will give many benefit to student as it prepare the answer without referring to the teacher. Beside that, expert system is able to give reasons towards the given answer. Expert system had been used in several fields of study including computer animation, computer science and engineering, language teaching business study etc.


Expert system in Agriculture


The expert system for agriculture is same as like other fields. Here also the expert system uses the rule based structure and the knowledge of a human expert is captured in the form of IF-THEN rules and facts which are used to solve problems by answering questions typed at a keyboard attached to a computer. For example, in pest control, the need to spray, selection of a chemical to spray, mixing and application etc. The early, state of developing the expert systems are in the 1960’s and 1970’s were typically written on a mainframe computer in the programming language based on LISP. Some examples of these expert systems are MACSYMA developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for assisting individuals in solving complex mathematical problems. Other examples may be MYCIN, DENDRAL, and CALEX etc. The rises of the agricultural expert system are to help the farmers to do single point decisions, which to have a well planning for before start to do anything on their land. It is used to design an irrigation system for their plantation use. Also some of the other functions of agricultural expert system are:



®   To predict the extreme events such as thunderstorms and frost.


®   To select the most suitable crop variety.


®   Diagnosis of liver stock disorder and many more.


Expert System for a particular decision problem


The expert system can be used as a stand alone advisory system for the specific knowledge domain. It also can provide decision support for a high level human expert. The main purposes, the rises of the expert system are as a delivery system for extension information, to provide management education for decision makers and for dissemination of up-to-date scientific information in a readily accessible and easily understood form, to agricultural researchers, advisers and farmers. By the help of an expert system, the farmers can produce a more high quality product to the citizen.


Expert System for Text Animation (ESTA)


The idea behind creating an expert system is that it can enable many people to benefit from the knowledge of one person – the expert. By providing it with a knowledge base for a certain subject area, ESTA can be used to create an expert system for the subject:


ESTA + Knowledge base = Expert System


Each knowledge base contains rules for a specific domain. A knowledge base for an expert system to give tax advice might contain rules relating marital status, mortgage commitments and age to the advisability of taking out a new life insurance policy. ESTA has all facilities to write the rules that will make up a knowledge base. ESTA has an inference engine which can use the rules in the knowledge base to determine which advice is to be given to the expert system user. ESTA also features the ability for the expert system user to obtain answers to questions such as “how” and “why”. ESTA is used by a knowledge engineer to create a knowledge base and by the expert system user to consult a knowledge base. Knowledge representation in ESTA is based on the items like sections, parameters, title.


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