Surveying II - CE6404

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Surveying II

Surveying II


Horizontal Controls Surveying & Its Methods
Vertical Controls Surveying & Its Methods
Classification of Triangulation System
important Questions and Answers: Control Surveying


Types of Error in Survey
The Law of Accidental Errors and Principles of Least Squares in Survey
Law of Weights
Distribution of Error of The Field Measurement
important Questions and Answers: Survey Adjustments


Total Station: Basic Principle
Classification of Total Stations
Features of Total Stations
Keyboard, Display and Software Applications in Survey Total Station
Sources of Error for Total Stations
Important Questions and Answers: Total Station


GPS Surveying
GPS Surveying: Segments of GPS
GPS Surveying: Space Segment
GPS Surveying: Observation Principle and Signal Structure
Structure of The GPS Navigation Data
GPS Surveying: Ground Control Segment and User Segment
Basic Concept of GPS Receiver and Its Components
Classification Of GPS Receivers
GPS Surveying Differential Theory
GPS Surveying: Correctable Errors
Differential GPS
Applications Of GPS
important Questions and Answers: GPS Surveying


Advanced Topics In Surveying
Photogrammetric Surveying
Principles Behind Terrestrial Photogrammetry
Methods employed in locating soundings
Reduction of soundings with a example
Tides and its types and formation
Mean Sea Level And Its Used As Datum
Astronomical Surveying
Important Questions and Answers: Advanced Topics in Surveying

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