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Surveying II


=> Horizontal Controls Surveying & Its Methods
=> Vertical Controls Surveying & Its Methods
=> Classification of Triangulation System
=> important Questions and Answers: Control Surveying


=> Types of Error in Survey
=> The Law of Accidental Errors and Principles of Least Squares in Survey
=> Law of Weights
=> Distribution of Error of The Field Measurement
=> important Questions and Answers: Survey Adjustments


=> Total Station: Basic Principle
=> Classification of Total Stations
=> Features of Total Stations
=> Keyboard, Display and Software Applications in Survey Total Station
=> Sources of Error for Total Stations
=> Important Questions and Answers: Total Station


=> GPS Surveying
=> GPS Surveying: Segments of GPS
=> GPS Surveying: Space Segment
=> GPS Surveying: Observation Principle and Signal Structure
=> Structure of The GPS Navigation Data
=> GPS Surveying: Ground Control Segment and User Segment
=> Basic Concept of GPS Receiver and Its Components
=> Classification Of GPS Receivers
=> GPS Surveying Differential Theory
=> GPS Surveying: Correctable Errors
=> Differential GPS
=> Applications Of GPS
=> important Questions and Answers: GPS Surveying


=> Advanced Topics In Surveying
=> Photogrammetric Surveying
=> Principles Behind Terrestrial Photogrammetry
=> Methods employed in locating soundings
=> Reduction of soundings with a example
=> Tides and its types and formation
=> Mean Sea Level And Its Used As Datum
=> Astronomical Surveying
=> Important Questions and Answers: Advanced Topics in Surveying

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