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Applications Of GPS

Providing Geodetic control., Survey control for Photogrammetric control surveys and mapping.

Applications of GPS


z   Providing Geodetic control.


z   Survey control for Photogrammetric control surveys and mapping.


z   Finding out location of offshore drilling.

z   Pipeline and Power line survey.

 z Navigation of civilian ships and planes. z Crustal movement studies.


z Geophysical positioning, mineral exploration and mining. z Determination of a precise geoid using GPS data.


z   Estimating gravity anomalies using GPS.

z   Offshore positioning: shiping, offshore platforms, fishing boats etc.


Astronomical observation of celestial bodies was one of the standard methods of obtaining coordinates of a position. This method is prone to visibility and weather condition and demands expert handling. Attempts have been made by USA since early 1960's to use space based artificial satellites. System TRANSIT was widely used for establishing a network of control points over large regions. Establishment of modern geocentric datum and its relation to local datum was successfully achieved through TRANSI T. Rapid improvements in higher frequently transmission and precise clock signals along with advanced stable satellite technology have been instrumental for the development of global positioning system.

The NAVSTAR GPS (Navigation System with Time and Ranging Global Positioning System) is a satellite based radio navigation system providing precise three- dimensional position, course and time information to suitably equipped user.

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