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Mobile Computing - CS8601

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Mobile Computing

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-:- Wireless Communication
-:- Mobile Computing
-:- Mobile Computing vs Wireless Networking
-:- Mobile Computing Applications
-:- Characteristics of Mobile Computing
-:- Structure of Mobile Computing Application
-:- MAC Protocols
-:- Wireless MAC Issues
-:- Fixed Assignment Schemes
-:- Random Assignment Schemes
-:- Reservation based Schemes
-:- Mobile Communication Systems
-:- Global System for Mobile Communication
-:- General Packet Radio Service
-:- Universal Mobile Telecommunication System
-:- Mobile Network and Transport Layers
-:- Mobile Network and Transport Layers
-:- Application Layer
-:- Mobile TCP and its Advantages
-:- Wireless Application Protocol
-:- WAP-Architecture
-:- Wireless Datagram Protocol (WDP)
-:- Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS)
-:- Wireless transaction protocol (WTP)
-:- Wireless session protocol (WSP)
-:- Wireless Application Environment
-:- WTA Architecture
-:- Wireless markup language (WML)
-:- WMLScript
-:- Mobile Device Operating Systems
-:- Special Constraints and Requirements
-:- Commercial Mobile Operating System
-:- Software development kit:iOS,Android,Blackberry,Windows Phone
-:- M-Commerce
-:- Structure of M-Commerce
-:- Pros and Cons of M-Commerce
-:- Mobile Payment System and Security Issues