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Characteristics of Mobile Computing

Characteristics of Mobile Computing



1.     Portability - The Ability to move a device within a learning environment or to different environments with ease.


2.     Social Interactivity - The ability to share data and collaboration between users.


3.     Context Sensitivity - The ability to gather and respond to real or simulated data unique to a current location, environment, or time.


4.     Connectivity - The ability to be digitally connected for the purpose of communication of data in any environment.


5.     Individual - The ability to use the technology to provide scaffolding on difficult activities and lesson customization for individual learners.


6.     Small Size - Mobile devices are also known as handhelds, palmtops and smart phones due to their roughly phone-like dimensions. A typical mobile device will fit in the average adult's hand or pocket. Some mobile devices may fold or slide from a compact, portable mode to a slightly larger size, revealing built-in keyboards or larger screens. Mobile devices make use of touch screens and small keypads to receive input, maintaining their small size and independence from external interface devices. The standard form of a mobile device allows the user to operate it with one hand, holding the device in the palm or fingers while executing its functions with the thumb.


Netbooks and small tablet computers are sometimes mistaken for true mobile devices, based on their similarity in form and function, but if the device's size prohibits one-handed operation or hinders portability, then it cannot be considered a true mobile device.


7.     Wireless Communication - Mobile devices are typically capable of communication with other similar devices, with stationary computers and systems, with networks and portable phones. Base mobile devices are capable of accessing the Internet through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi networks, and many models are equipped to access cell phone and wireless data networks as well. Email and texting are standard ways of communicating with mobile devices, although many are also capable of telephony, and some specialized mobile devices, such as RFID and barcode.


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