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Department: Computer Sotware and Inormation Technology Engineering CSE IT

Mobile Computing - IT6601

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Mobile Computing

-:- Mobile Computing
-:- Mobile Computing vs Wireless Networking
-:- Mobile Computing Applications
-:- Characteristics of Mobile Computing
-:- Structure of Mobile Computing Application
-:- MAC Protocols
-:- Wireless MAC Issues
-:- Fixed Assignment Schemes
-:- Random Assignment Schemes
-:- Reservation based Schemes
-:- Overview of Mobile IP
-:- Features of Mobile IP
-:- Key Mechanism in Mobile IP
-:- Route Optimization
-:- Overview of TCP / IP
-:- Architecture of TCP/IP
-:- Adaptation of TCP / IP Window
-:- Improvement in TCP Performance
-:- Global System for Mobile Communication
-:- General Packet Radio Service
-:- Universal Mobile Telecommunication System
-:- Adhoc Basic Concepts
-:- Characteristics of Mobile ADHOC Networks
-:- Applications of Mobile ADHOC Networks
-:- Design Issues - Mobile ADHOC Networks
-:- Routing - Mobile Adhoc Networks
-:- Essential of Traditional Routing Protocols
-:- Popular Routing Protocols
-:- Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks(VANET)
-:- Security in Mobile ADHOC Networks
-:- Mobile Device Operating Systems
-:- Special Constraints and Requirements
-:- Commercial Mobile Operating System
-:- Software development kit:iOS,Android,Blackberry,Windows Phone
-:- M-Commerce
-:- Structure of M-Commerce
-:- Pros and Cons of M-Commerce
-:- Mobile Payment System and Security Issues