Geography - 2

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Plants, Animals and Humans

Biosphere : Plants and Animals, The Biomes
The forest biomes : Coniferous, Temperate, Tropical forests
Temperate And Tropical Grassland Biomes
Cold and Tropical deserts Biomes
Harvesting Forests and Shrinking Forests
Sea Ecosystems

The Human Potential

Human Evolution and Human Civilisations
Growth, Distribution and Density
Structure, Composition and Population Explosion
Malthus- Population Theory and Marx's Ideas on Population


Settlement Systems

Human-made ecosystems : settlement systems
Classification of Settlements
Urban Growth and Problems
Central Place Theory

Industrial Systems

Classification of Industrial systems
Industrial System : Functional Characteristics and linkage
Factors of Industrial Location
Theory of Industrial Location : Weber's Theory of Location

Trade Systems

Role of Geographical Factors in Trade
Geographical and Stage of Technological Development
Geographical Trade Types
Geographical Trade Blocs
Benefits from Trade Blocs and Trade Trap and the Fall of Markets


Transport and Communication Systems

Human-made ecosystems : Transport and communication systems
Human-made ecosystems : Transport Systems and Transport Types
Transport Types and Classification : Road, Train, Sea, Air
The Cargo Traffic
Ecosystems : Information and Communication Systems : Technological, Technical Development
Importance of Information Technology
Communication Revolution

Space Technologies

Remote Sensing Systems : Types and Uses
Classification of Satellite Remote Sensing : Geo, Sun, Spy Satellites
Elements of Remote Sensing Systems
Uses of Remote Sensing
Indian Space Programme
Water, a Valuable Resource
Water: Quantity and Quality
Quantity of Water
Quality of Water
Water Based, Related and Waterborne Diseases
Water Supply and Demand and Drinking Water Scarcity


Global Freshwater

Global freshwater : Urbanisation
Global fresh water : Industrialisation
Land and Water Pollution
Water Ethics and Management, Irrigation, Political Dimension
Water Management and Basin Management
Water Supply and Sanitation
Disaster, Hazard and Vulnerability, the Meaning
Resilience and Emergency

Natural Disasters

Disaster Management, Mitigation and Prevention
Earthquakes and Landslides
The Turkey Earthquake 1999
Disasters and Health Epidemic, Emergency Response to Disasters
Global Warming
Floods as Hazard and Major Flood Disasters in world
Flood Warning and Emergency Planning
Advancing Deserts of the World
Programmes and Projects - Desertification and Drought in India

Conservation and Resource Management

Conservation and resource management
History of Conservation and Resource Management
History of Conservation and Resource Management In the mid-20th century
Water Resources Management and Conservation Techniques
Rainwater Harvesting and Techniques
Inter-State River Linkages


Map Interpretation

Map interpretation : Basic Map Components (Parts)
Map interpretation : Basic Principles of Map Reading
Suggested, Sequential Learning of Map Skills
Weather Maps and Images Interpretation
Map Symbols for Weather and Clouds
Weather Maps : Winds - Low, High
Weather Forecasting and its Methods



Database Management Systems and Geographical Information systems

What is Geographical Information System?
Database Management Systems - Databases
Applications of Geographical Information Systems

Global Positioning Systems

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a Satellite Navigation System
Carrier Phase Tracking (Surveying): An Application of GPS

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