Geography - 2

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Plants, Animals and Humans

=> Biosphere : Plants and Animals, The Biomes
=> The forest biomes : Coniferous, Temperate, Tropical forests
=> Temperate And Tropical Grassland Biomes
=> Cold and Tropical deserts Biomes
=> Harvesting Forests and Shrinking Forests
=> Sea Ecosystems

The Human Potential

=> Human Evolution and Human Civilisations
=> Growth, Distribution and Density
=> Structure, Composition and Population Explosion
=> Malthus- Population Theory and Marx's Ideas on Population


Settlement Systems

=> Human-made ecosystems : settlement systems
=> Classification of Settlements
=> Urban Growth and Problems
=> Central Place Theory

Industrial Systems

=> Classification of Industrial systems
=> Industrial System : Functional Characteristics and linkage
=> Factors of Industrial Location
=> Theory of Industrial Location : Weber's Theory of Location

Trade Systems

=> Role of Geographical Factors in Trade
=> Geographical and Stage of Technological Development
=> Geographical Trade Types
=> Geographical Trade Blocs
=> Benefits from Trade Blocs and Trade Trap and the Fall of Markets


Transport and Communication Systems

=> Human-made ecosystems : Transport and communication systems
=> Human-made ecosystems : Transport Systems and Transport Types
=> Transport Types and Classification : Road, Train, Sea, Air
=> The Cargo Traffic
=> Ecosystems : Information and Communication Systems : Technological, Technical Development
=> Importance of Information Technology
=> Communication Revolution

Space Technologies

=> Remote Sensing Systems : Types and Uses
=> Classification of Satellite Remote Sensing : Geo, Sun, Spy Satellites
=> Elements of Remote Sensing Systems
=> Uses of Remote Sensing
=> Indian Space Programme
=> Water, a Valuable Resource
=> Water: Quantity and Quality
=> Quantity of Water
=> Quality of Water
=> Water Based, Related and Waterborne Diseases
=> Water Supply and Demand and Drinking Water Scarcity


Global Freshwater

=> Global freshwater : Urbanisation
=> Global fresh water : Industrialisation
=> Land and Water Pollution
=> Water Ethics and Management, Irrigation, Political Dimension
=> Water Management and Basin Management
=> Water Supply and Sanitation
=> Disaster, Hazard and Vulnerability, the Meaning
=> Resilience and Emergency

Natural Disasters

=> Disaster Management, Mitigation and Prevention
=> Earthquakes and Landslides
=> The Turkey Earthquake 1999
=> Disasters and Health Epidemic, Emergency Response to Disasters
=> Global Warming
=> Floods as Hazard and Major Flood Disasters in world
=> Flood Warning and Emergency Planning
=> Desertification
=> Advancing Deserts of the World
=> Programmes and Projects - Desertification and Drought in India

Conservation and Resource Management

=> Conservation and resource management
=> History of Conservation and Resource Management
=> History of Conservation and Resource Management In the mid-20th century
=> Water Resources Management and Conservation Techniques
=> Rainwater Harvesting and Techniques
=> Inter-State River Linkages


Map Interpretation

=> Map interpretation : Basic Map Components (Parts)
=> Map interpretation : Basic Principles of Map Reading
=> Suggested, Sequential Learning of Map Skills
=> Weather Maps and Images Interpretation
=> Map Symbols for Weather and Clouds
=> Weather Maps : Winds - Low, High
=> Weather Forecasting and its Methods



Database Management Systems and Geographical Information systems

=> What is Geographical Information System?
=> Database Management Systems - Databases
=> Applications of Geographical Information Systems

Global Positioning Systems

=> Global Positioning System (GPS) is a Satellite Navigation System
=> Carrier Phase Tracking (Surveying): An Application of GPS

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