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Knowledge representation

Knowledge representation is probably, the most important ingredient for developing an Artificial Intelligence(AI).



Knowledge representation is probably, the most important ingredient for developing an AI. A representation is a layer between information accessible from outside world and high level thinking processes. Without knowledge representation it is impossible to identify what thinking processes are, mainly because representation itself is a substratum for a thought.


The subject of knowledge representation has been messaged for a couple of decades already. For many applications, specific domain knowledge is required. Instead of coding such knowledge into a system in a way that it can never be changed (hidden in the overall implementation), more flexible ways of representing knowledge and reasoning about it have been developed in the last 10 years.


The need of knowledge representation was felt as early as the idea to develop intelligent systems. With the hope that readers are well conversant with the fact by now, that intelligent requires possession of knowledge and that knowledge is acquired by us by various means and stored in the memory using some representation techniques. Putting in another way, knowledge representation is one of the many critical aspects, which are required for making a computer behave intelligently. Knowledge representation refers to the data structures techniques and organizing notations that are used in AI. These include semantic networks, frames, logic, production rules and conceptual graphs.

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