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Electrical Electonics and Comunication Engineering EEE ECE

Power Quality - EE6005

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Power Quality
-:- Introduction to Power Quality
-:- Terms and Definitions- Power Quality
-:- Concepts of transients- Power Quality
-:- Sags and Swells- Power Quality
-:- Power frequency variations
-:- International Standards of power quality
-:- Computer Business Equipment Manufactures Associations(CBEMA) and ITI Curves
-:- Important Short Questions and Answers: Introduction to Power Quality
-:- Voltage Sags and Interruptions- Power Quality
-:- Sources of sags and interruptions
-:- Estimating Voltage sag Performance
-:- Voltage sags due to induction motor starting
-:- Estimation of the Sag Severity
-:- Mitigation of Voltage Sags
-:- Motor Generator Set
-:- Active series compensators
-:- Static Transfer Switches
-:- Fast Transfer Switch (FTS)
-:- Important short questions and answers: Voltage Sags and Interruptions
-:- Over Voltages
-:- Classification of transient over voltages
-:- Sources of over voltages
-:- Mitigation of voltage swells
-:- Lightning Protection
-:- Protection of Transformers
-:- Protection of cables
-:- Computer Analysis Tools for Transient – PSCAD and EMTP
-:- Important short questions and answers: Over Voltages
-:- Harmonics
-:- Harmonic Sources from Commercial Loads
-:- Harmonics sources from industrial loads
-:- Locating Harmonic Sources
-:- Power System Response Characteristics
-:- Effects of Harmonics
-:- Harmonic Distortion Evaluation
-:- Devices for Controlling Harmonic Distortion
-:- IEEE and IEC Standards
-:- Important short questions and answers: Harmonics
-:- Power Quality Monitoring
-:- Monitoring Consideration - Power Quality Monitoring
-:- Power Quality Measurement Equipment
-:- Application of Expert Systems for power quality monitoring
-:- Important short questions and answers: Power Quality Monitoring