Protection and Switchgear - EE8602, EE6702

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Protection and Switchgear


=> Fundamentals of Power System Protection
=> Consequences of occurrence of Faults
=> Zones and types of Protection system
=> Protection System Requirements and some basic terminologies used
=> Protection against over voltages due to lightning and switching
=> Arcing Grounds
=> Surge absorber
=> Surge diverter
=> Types and Method of Neutral Earthing in Power Distribution


=> Types of Electromagnetic Relay
=> Over Current Relay: Working Principle and Types
=> Directional Over Current Relays
=> Distance relay
=> Impedance Relay
=> Differential Relay
=> Static relays


=> Over current and earth fault protection
=> Transformer Protection
=> Buchholz relay: Operation, Advantages, Applications
=> Generator protection
=> Protection of bus bars
=> Zones and types of Protection system
=> Current Transformers(CT)s and Potential Transformer(PT)s and their applications in protection schemes


=> Formation of arc during circuit breaking
=> AC and DC circuit breaking
=> Restriking voltage and recovery voltage
=> Rate of rise of recovery voltage
=> Resistance switching
=> Current Chopping


=> Rating of Circuit Breaker
=> Air blast circuit breaker: Working principle, Advantages, Disadvantages
=> Oil circuit breakers: Types, Construction, Operation, Advantages, Disadvantages
=> SF6 circuit breaker: Construction, Operation, Advantages, Disadvantages
=> Vacuum circuit breakers: Construction, Operation, Advantages, Disadvantages
=> Testing of circuit breakers

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