Protection and Switchgear - EE8602, EE6702

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Protection and Switchgear

Protection and Switchgear


Fundamentals of Power System Protection
Consequences of occurrence of Faults
Zones and types of Protection system
Protection System Requirements and some basic terminologies used
Protection against over voltages due to lightning and switching
Arcing Grounds
Surge absorber
Surge diverter
Types and Method of Neutral Earthing in Power Distribution


Types of Electromagnetic Relay
Over Current Relay: Working Principle and Types
Directional Over Current Relays
Distance relay
Impedance Relay
Differential Relay
Static relays


Over current and earth fault protection
Transformer Protection
Buchholz relay: Operation, Advantages, Applications
Generator protection
Protection of bus bars
Zones and types of Protection system
Current Transformers(CT)s and Potential Transformer(PT)s and their applications in protection schemes


Formation of arc during circuit breaking
AC and DC circuit breaking
Restriking voltage and recovery voltage
Rate of rise of recovery voltage
Resistance switching
Current Chopping


Rating of Circuit Breaker
Air blast circuit breaker: Working principle, Advantages, Disadvantages
Oil circuit breakers: Types, Construction, Operation, Advantages, Disadvantages
SF6 circuit breaker: Construction, Operation, Advantages, Disadvantages
Vacuum circuit breakers: Construction, Operation, Advantages, Disadvantages
Testing of circuit breakers

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