Prefabricated Structures - CE8022, CE6016

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Prefabricated Structures

Prefabricated Structures


Uses and Advantages of Prefabrication
Principles of Prefabrication
Prefabricated Materials
Prefabricated Structures: Modular Coordination
Systems of prefabrication
Transportation and Hosting of refabricates
Hosting of Columns
Important Questions and Answers - Civil - Prefabricated Structures


Behaviour of Prefabricated structural components
Prefabricated Components: Characteristics of Materials
Prefabricated Components: Waffle Slabs
Prefabricated Structures: Joints of different structural connections
Shear Walls
Construction of roof and floor walls
Warped surface
Classification of Wall
Important Questions and Answers - Civil - Prefabricated Components


Prefabricated Structures: Disuniting of structures
Light weight concrete roofing members
Prefabricated Structures: Efficiency of material used


Expansion joint and design
Advantages of pre fabrication over the monolithic methods of construction
Joint In Structural Members: Types of Structure
Mould for a pair of wall panels
Design of expansion joint


Factors infuenceing standardization
Equalent design loads for considering abnormal effects like earthquake and cyclones
Systems consisting of linear members Disunited at joints
Factors influencing standardization of Abnormal Loads
Full prefab open system
Design for abnormal loads
Redundancy or Alternate Load Paths

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