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Prefabricated Structures


=> Uses and Advantages of Prefabrication
=> Principles of Prefabrication
=> Prefabricated Materials
=> Prefabricated Structures: Modular Coordination
=> Systems of prefabrication
=> Transportation and Hosting of refabricates
=> Hosting of Columns
=> Important Questions and Answers - Civil - Prefabricated Structures


=> Behaviour of Prefabricated structural components
=> Prefabricated Components: Characteristics of Materials
=> Prefabricated Components: Waffle Slabs
=> Prefabricated Structures: Joints of different structural connections
=> Shear Walls
=> Construction of roof and floor walls
=> Domes
=> Warped surface
=> Classification of Wall
=> Important Questions and Answers - Civil - Prefabricated Components


=> Prefabricated Structures: Disuniting of structures
=> Light weight concrete roofing members
=> Prefabricated Structures: Efficiency of material used


=> Expansion joint and design
=> Advantages of pre fabrication over the monolithic methods of construction
=> Joint In Structural Members: Types of Structure
=> Mould for a pair of wall panels
=> Design of expansion joint


=> Factors infuenceing standardization
=> Equalent design loads for considering abnormal effects like earthquake and cyclones
=> Systems consisting of linear members Disunited at joints
=> Factors influencing standardization of Abnormal Loads
=> Full prefab open system
=> Design for abnormal loads
=> Redundancy or Alternate Load Paths

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