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The main beam (or) load bearing wall are placed to the long axis of building . it is applied to the building with large prefabricated and similar to traditional brickwork . The longitudinal wall crosses the floor load must posses not only thermal .


2.             How are roofing members in prefabricates classified ?


  Small roofing members.


  Large roofing members.


  Reinforced planks (or) ties .


  Light weight concrete roofing members .


  Small reinforced concrete roofing members .


  Purlins .




3.             How are the prefabricated component classified ?


a) Based on the area (or ) size of prefabricates


. b) Based on weight of prefabricates .


c) Based on the


function . d) Based on


the shape .


e) Based on the material .


4.What are the space bordering ?


These members are used to give spaces like walls both load carrying and partition walls . this may (or ) may not contain doors and windows the provision for the same is as per the requirement . Another example for the space bordering member are floor slabs .


5. What is the meant by surface forming members ?


In the case of surface forming members, the load carrying and surface bordering are united and a uniform load carrying surface is found loaded by complex forces and economic shapes.



Example : Shell structures folded plates structures etc.


6. differentiate  between synclastic  and  Anticlastic  .


In the case the synclastic the curve of the shell in the same side (eg : hemispherical shell ) where as in the case of anticlastic the curvature of the shell is in opposite direction eg: hyperbolic shell (saddle shell ).


7. Write a short on dome structure .


A dome is a space structure covering a more (or ) less square (or ) irregular area . The best known example is the dome of revolution , and it is one of the earliest of the shell structure.


Excellent examples are still is existence that were built in Roman times .


8. Define shear wall .


These are simple type and these shear walls under forces and horizontal shear along its length are subjected to bending and shear walls.

To resist these forces , the uniform distribution of steel along its length is used in simple shear



9.             Different classification of shear walls .


1)Plain rectangular shear wall


2)Bar bell type .


3)Framed shear wall .


4)Coupled shear  wall.


5)Care type .


10). What is ring system ?


# Load bearing walls and beams are placed in both ways longitudinally and transversely . In the building with ring system of support floors are normally supported on all four edges and span is two direction .


In skeleton construction these floors are placed directly on columns .

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