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Chapter: Civil : Prefabricated Structures : Introduction

Important Questions and Answers - Civil - Prefabricated Structures

Civil - Prefabricated Structures - Introduction

1.Define prefabrication.


The term prefab can apply to any construction method where the significant part of the construction takes place off site in a factory . That produces relatively large complex features that assembled at the site into the finished building .


2.What is meant by modular Coordination?


Modular coordination is a concept for coordinating dimension and space for which building and component are dimensionally it used and positioned in basic units (or) modules. The standard specify that the module basic M = 100 mm . As the basic unit be used in a square of M .


3.What are the characteristics of Modular concept .


I) The basic module is small in terms of add size in order to provide design flexibility


, yet large enough to promote simplification  in the component variation in sizes .


II)   Industry  friendly  features   that   not   only  for  manufacturing   but   also


the transportation and assembly requirements .


III) Internationally accepted to support international market .


4.  Write out the advantages & disadvantages of prefabrication ?


I)    Self supporting readymade components are used ,so the need for formwork , shuttering and scaffolding is greatly reduced .


II) On-site construction and condition is minimized


. III) Less waste may occur .


Disadvantages :


I)Careful handling of prefabricated components such as concrete panels (or) steel and glass Panels is reduced .


II) Similarly leaks can form at joints is prefabricated component .


5) Define the term Off-site fabrication .


Off-site fabrication is the process that incorporates prefabrication and preassemble the process involves the design and manufacture of units usually remote from the work site and the installation at the site to form the permanent work at the site.


6) Write short note on Production process .


The production of concrete blocks consists of  four basic process They are,


1)  Mixing       2) Moulding   3) Curing          4) Cubing


7)  List out the limitations of prefabrication .


I)  Extra reinforcement is required to take care of handling and erection stresses .


II) Tempraray props may be required in some cases ,before the un-site concrete joints achieve strength .


III) The cracks may develop at the joints between the precart in -site concrete due to shrinkage and temperature stresses . To overcome them extra steel is required across joint.






8)  What are all the Prefab  materials ?


  Structural insulated panels (SIPs).


  Insulating concrete forms (ICFS).


  Prefab foundation system .


  Steel framing .


  Concrete framing .


  Large - modular system


9)  Insulating concrete forms :


Insulating concrete forms (ICE) are a prefab construction material consisting of hollow EPS foam blocks that are stacked and glued together on-site , creating the form that is filled with reinforcing bars and concrete.




10) Write short note on Principles of MC Concept ?

 The principle objective of implanting MC is to improve productivity through the reduction of wastages in the production ,installation process , to improve quality in the construction industry and to encourage an open system .



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