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Department: Management of Business Science MBA

Financial Management - BA8203

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Financial Management

-:- Foundations of Finance
-:- Scope of Financial Management
-:- Objectives of Financial Management
-:- Approaches to Financial Management and Functions of Finance Manager
-:- Importance of Financial Management
-:- Time Value of Money
-:- Introduction to the Concept of Return of a Single Asset
-:- Valuation of Bonds and Shares
-:- Option Valuation - Finance
-:- Investment Decision
-:- Need and importance/Nature of Investment Decision
-:- Identifying Relevant Cash Flows and Capital budgeting Process
-:- Evaluation of Investment Proposals
-:- Project Selection Under Capital Rationing
-:- Inflation and capital budgeting
-:- Concept and Measurement of Cost of Capital
-:- Factors Affecting the Cost of Capital of a Firm
-:- Financing and Dividend Decision
-:- Leverages
-:- Uses and Distinguish Between Operating Leverage and Financial Leverage
-:- Financing Capital Structure
-:- Cost of Capital and Valuation
-:- Designing Capital structure
-:- Determinants of Dividend Policy
-:- Aspects Of Dividend Policy
-:- Practical aspects of dividend policy
-:- Forms of Dividend Policy
-:- Share Split
-:- Working Capital Management
-:- Receivables Management
-:- Factoring - Working Capital Management
-:- Inventory Management
-:- Cash Management
-:- Working Capital Financing By Banks
-:- Indian Capital and stock Market
-:- New Issue Market
-:- Long Term Finance
-:- Lease Financing
-:- Types of Leasing
-:- Leasing Finance Institutions in India
-:- Hire purchase
-:- Venture Capital - Meaning and Features
-:- Private Equity
-:- Financial Management - Tutorial Problems and Worked out Problems