Communicative English - HS8151

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Communicative English

Communicative English


Listening to Informal Conversations and Participating
Speaking In Conversation
Developing Analytical Thinking
Effective use of SMS
Use of Emoticons in Email
Regular & Irregular Verbs
Active Voice & Passive Voice
Homonymns & Homophones


Conversation Practice
Writing a Book Review
Writing Summary
Personal Letters
Modal Verbs
Phrasal Verbs


Listening to Conversation
Conversation with Stress, Intonation & Pronunciation
Critical reading
Minutes of meeting
Writing Technical articles
Conditional clauses
Cause and effect expression
Same word as noun and verb
Homonys & Homophones Practice


Telephone Conversations
Applying for a Job - Cover Letter & Resume Preparation
Numerical Expressions
Connectives (Discourse Markers)
Idioms and their Meanings - Using Idioms in Sentences
Different forms of resumes
Filling up a resume and cover letter


Strategies for Improving Discussion Skills
Note Making
Intensive Reading and Extensive Reading
Check Lists - Yes/No Question Form
Report Writing
Report of Meeting
Use of Clauses
Vocabulary- Collocation

HS8151 Communicative English - Anna University 2017 Regulation Syllabus - Download Pdf
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HS8151 Communicative English - Question Bank - Download Pdf

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HS8151 Communicative English - Notes - Download Pdf
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