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Numerical Expressions

In general a numerical expression is a combination of numbers and one or more operation symbols.

Numerical Expressions


In general a numerical expression is a combination of numbers and one or more operation symbols.


Adjectives are mainly words which tell us more about nouns and pronouns. Their function is to tell us what kind, which ones, how many, what position or what colour. To put it more precisely, a word accompanying a noun to describe or point out, the person, animal, place or thing which the noun names, or to tell the number or quantity is called an adjective.




He was first in the race. (What position?)


She is a brilliant girl. (What kind?) 

Classification of adjectives:


Adjectives can be classified as follows:


 1. Adjectives of Quality 

2. Adjectives of Number 

3. Distributive Adjectives 

4. Possessive  

5. Adjectives of Quantity

6. Demonstrative Adjectives  

7. Interrogative Adjectives 



Numerical Adjectives


Numerical adjectives are those that express numbers or numerical adjective is simply the grammatical term for numbers. They include one, two, three, first, second, and many others.


Numerical adjectives are divided


into: Cardinal Adjectives:


The cardinal adjectives show how many. It is used for


counting. Examples:


One life,five apples.


Ordinal Adjectives:


The ordinal adjectives show which one of a series. It is used for


ranking. Examples:


The third floor.


The first chapter



Multiplicative Adjectives:


The multiplicative adjectives show the number of repetitions. It is used for






Twice thought                         Once achieved


Note: When a numeral is used as a noun, the cardinal, like the pronominal adjectives, takes no article. On the other hand, the ordinal uses the article.




Two only were present.                             The third was lost.


When a numerical expression is used as an adjective, the singular form should be used. So, the plural form should be changed to appropriate singular form before the noun.


I - Expand the following:


        A journey of 45 miles - a 45 mile journey.


        An expedition lasting for three days - a three day expedition


        An interval of 20 minutes - a twenty minute interval


        A DC supply of 280 volts - a 280 volt DC supply


        A lecture for two hours - a two hour lecture


        A monitor with a size of 14 inches - a fourteen inch monitor


        A project grant of Rs.60 lakhs - a sixty lakh project grant


        A base of 13 acres - a thirteen acre base


        A squad of 1000 men - a 1000 men squad.


A project of 10 years - a ten year project.



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