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When I Grow Up

When I Grow Up
Award Winning English essay writing topics, sample examples for school, college students and Competitions. International Essay Contest for Young People 2011 Award Winning Essays.

I was always thinking about what to become when I grow up. My parents said to become a doctor and all my friends wanted to become a pilot. But I did not like what all my friends wanted to be. I didn't know what to do until one day I finally decided.


I had heard a lot about cleaning the house and not throwing garbage on the roads. My mother told me always to not waste water and turn off extra switches to save electricity. I always did not listen to what my mother said and did everything I wanted.


One day my school took our class to a very far off place in the north of Pakistan. It was a village where many people lived. It was a very crowded area. I saw many houses everywhere. But they were not like my house. They were so small with dirtiness and had a very bad smell. I saw that boys and girls of my age lived in those houses with no electricity and no water and no gas to cook for.


I was walking from street to street when I suddenly ran into a small boy who was crying. I asked him what was wrong. He at first did not answer but then he cried out loud that he was hungry and had no food to eat. I gave him my home made sandwich and so we became friends.


He took me all around the village. The child's name was Ali. He used to help his father to collect the garbage from all of the places. He did not have proper clothes. He was poor and did not go to any school. I saw many of the children of my age in that village who did not go to school. There was one school but over fifty children were in one class.


Ali took me to his house where I saw his family in a very small house with no electricity and food. I felt very sad for Ali and his family. I thanked God for everything and realized that I was living a very good life.


I saw the broken bicycles and houses. All of the waste was going into a dirty river where men and boys were taking a shower. I was very shocked by looking at the people of the village.


I went to my teacher and talked to her about what I saw. I felt the inspiration in me to do something for this world. I came to know that there are many villages which are poor in theworld and I felt very bad. Thinking about Ali and his friends I started to cry. My teacher told me that we should always take care of things like water, electricity, food and the helpful things around us so that everyone gets their fair share in such stuff.


I finally decided to grow up and become the president to help these people of Pakistan. I learned my lesson and this trip inspired me to save for the poor and help them. I took my parents and my neighbors to that village and we all donated as much of our things as we could to the people. I also wrote a letter to the president to help the people in villages with bad homes and no food. I hope he gets it. I also brought Ali with me to my house and he started going to my school with me. I always feel very good when I look at him.


I think all children should help the poor and thank God for all the good things he has given them.


This was my story of inspiration. This story helped me to become a better person. I will make this world a better place by helping the poor and making all rich and poor people friends together. I love this earth and the people on it so I will work to do everything for it.
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