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A Real Life Nightmare That Woke Up My Consciousness

A Real Life Nightmare That Woke Up My Consciousness
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My story of inspiration started on a sorrowful October day of 2010, when the news about my aunt's husband decease woke me up. He was only twenty-eight years old when an unpredictable heart attack took him away from us.


It was a grueling period in our family. He was the only child in his family and his decease morally destroyed his parents. But besides that, he was the father of two children, and when he died, my aunt remained alone, raising one six years old boy and one year old girl by herself. The funeral was a real nightmare. Lots of relatives, acquaintances, friends and family gathered together to see the dead young father for the last time and to support my aunt and our family throughout this undeniable and burdensome period of time. Everyone had this lamentable look in their eyes and this shadowed mourning attire. The dolefulness and depression were in the air. This was a real nightmare, but I didn't even assume at that time that it was going to wake up my consciousness and inspire me to make good changes in the world. Through that chaos and pain there was a moment when I felt like the whole world stopped around me-. I looked around and realized that all that pain was only the top of the iceberg. I understood that the funeral will be over; this huge crowd of people will go back to their homes, talking about my aunt's tragedy and about how sympathetic and sorry for her they are. But a small time will pass, and they will forget. My aunt won't though! This suffering will always remain a hardwearing and imperishable footprint on her life. She became a widow at the age of thirty with two small children to raise and educate and no money to support them. She was morally dissipated, physically exhausted and financially broken, because she was on maternity leave and her husband was the only source of income.


A person has to be very strong and courageous to rehabilitate after such an afflictive quagmire. Her courage was the wish of seeing her children living a decent life, but her main support was us-her family. She moved into my grandmother's house so she'd have some help with raising her children and babysitting. My mother and her other sister helped her financially and of course morally; her parents in law are contributing a lot through different sources as well. With the help of her family's relief and support, my aunt's life condition started to ameliorate and refine. Her situation at this moment is stable and she is apt to go ahead on her life path with her head lift high and heart open. 

I remember the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: "When it is dark enough, you can see the stars," and this is absolutely true in my situation as well. This circumstance in our family put me in front of some onerous questions and the answers to them became my milestone in doing positive changes in the world. I was thinking: "What if my aunt didn't have us-her family? What if she didn't have any exterior support?" But there are women in the world who are in similar critical situations or even some worse ones and they are alone, without any kind of adherence. "What do they do? How do they overcome these vicious gaps in their lives? Who helps them? Who supports them? And-does anyone at all?" When these questions were born in my mind, my consciousness woke up. I felt like a divine vibe percolated each cell of my body and mind. I decided to find the solution; I decided to be a part of the solution myself.


When I turned eighteen, I started to collect all the necessary information and paperwork in order to open my own NGO-and so I did. The NGO is now officially opened and its aim is to help women who experience perplexed situations in their lives. It's going to be the support point for each woman who needs us. They can get psychological help, participate in personal development and motivational trainings and seminars, communicate with those who are in similar situations and understand them the best and feel that they are not alone and there are people who care and who they can rely on. Besides that, I got affiliated with some international youth groups and networks who care about women's problems, human rights and other social issues as well, and I hope that together with them and with all the youth in the world, we will accomplish many positive world-changing goals and will make the world better-more abundant, marvelous and peaceful.

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