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External Ear

Congenital Abnormalities: usually unilateral. Common ones:



External Ear


·        Congenital Abnormalities: usually unilateral.  Common ones:

o  Preauricular tag: only cosmetic

o  Preauricular sinus: get infected

·        Otitis Externa:

o  Localised: furnuncle or furnuculosis

§  Very painful, may abscess and discharge

§  Usually staph aureus

§  Tx: Oral antibiotics, may need drainage

o  Diffuse (more common)


§  Skin infection: viral or bacterial, or underlying dermatitis (more chronic, less pain and swelling but itchy). If longstanding and treatment resistant, ?fungal (eg aspergillus) – less painful, but blocked and debris, look for hyphae

§  Treatment: swab, clean out canal, topical antibiotics (drops with steroids ® ¯swelling)

·        Canal trauma from itching, ear cleaning.  Resolves spontaneously (unless infected)


·        Wax: produced by suruminous glands (only in the ear) over cartilaginous part. Slightly acid Þ antibacterial. Carries debris out


·        Insect in ear.  Drown it and take out at leisure


·        Exostosis: common benign finding. Overgrowth of bone in internal 1/3 of canal, following exposure to cold water (surfers, divers). May ® obstruction


·        Neoplasms: on pinna: BCC or SCC – require excision


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