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Chapter: 11th Chemistry : Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

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Choose the best answer: Chemistry: Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

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Objective type questions (MCQ)


1. The IUPAC name of

a) 2-Bromo pent – 3 – ene

b) 4-Bromo pent – 2 – ene

c) 2-Bromo pent – 4 – ene

d) 4-Bromo pent – 1 – ene


2. Of the following compounds, which has the highest boiling point?

a) n-Butyl chloride

b) Isobutyl chloride

c) t-Butyl chloride

d) n-propyl chloride


3. Arrange the following compounds in increasing order of their density

A) CCl4

B) CHCl3

C) CH2Cl2

D) CH3Cl

a) D < C < B < A  

b) C > B > A > D

c) A < B < C < D

d) C > A > B > D


4.  Withrespecttotheposition of–   Clinthecompound CH3– CH = CH – CH2  – Cl, it is classified as

a) Vinyl

b) Allyl

c) Secondary

d) Aralkyl


5. What should be the correct IUPAC name of diethyl chloromethane?

a) 3 – Chloro pentane

b) 1-Chloropentane

c) 1-Chloro-1, 1, diethyl methane

d) 1 –Chloro-1-ethyl propane


6. C -X bond is strongest in

a) Chloromethane

b) Iodomethane

c) Bromomethane

d) Fluoromethane


7. In the reaction

Ans: b


8. Which of the following compounds will give racemic mixture on nucleophilic substitution by OH- ion?

a) (i)

b) (ii) and (iii)

c) (iii)

d) (i) and (ii)


9. The treatment of ethyl formate with excess of RMgX gives

Ans: c


10. Benzene reacts with Cl2 in the presence of FeCl3 and in absence of sunlight to form

a) Chlorobenzene

b) Benzyl chloride

c) Benzal chloride

d) Benzene hexachloride


11. The name of C2F4Cl2 is ___________

a) Freon – 112

b) Freon – 113

c) Freon – 114

d) Freon – 115

12. Which of the following reagent is helpful to differentiate ethylene dichloride and ethylidene chloride?

a) Zn / methanol

b) KOH / ethanol

c) aqueous KOH

d) ZnCl2 / Con HCl


13. Match the compounds given in Column I with suitable items given in Column II


a) A → 2 B → 4  C →1 D →3

b) A → 3 B → 2  C →4 D →1

c) A → 1 B → 2  C →3 D →4

d) A → 3 B → 1  C →4 D →2


14. Assertion: In mono haloarenes, electrophilic substitution occurs at ortho and para positions.

Reason: Halogen atom is a ring deactivator

a) If both assertion and reason are true and reason is the correct explanation of assertion.

b) If both assertion and reason are true but reason is not the correct explanation of assertion.

c) If assertion is true but reason is false.

d) If both assertion and reason are false.

15. Consider the reaction,


This reaction will be the fastest in

a) ethanol

b) methanol

c) DMF (N, N' – dimethyl formanide)

d) water


16) Freon-12 is manufactured from tetrachloro methane by

a) Wurtz reaction

b) Swarts reaction

c) Haloform reaction

d) Gattermann reaction


17. The most easily hydrolysed molecule under SN1 condition is

a) allyl chloride

b) ethyl chloride

c) ispropylchloride

d) benzyl chloride


18. The carbo cation formed in SN1 reaction of al kyl halide in the slow step is

a) sp3 hybridised

b) sp2 hybridised

c) sp hybridized

d) none of these


19. The major products obtained when chlorobenzene is nitrated with HNO3 and con H2SO4

a) 1-chloro-4-nitrobenzene

b) 1-chloro-2-nitrobenzene

c) 1-chloro-3-nitrobenzene

d) 1-chloro-1-nitrobenzene


20. Which one of the following is most reactive towards nucleophilic substitution reaction ?

Ans: d


21. Ethylidene chloride on treatment with aqueous KOH gives

a) acetaldehyde

b) ehtyleneglycol

c) formaldehyde

d) glycoxal


22. The raw material for Rasching process

a) chloro benzene

b) phenol

c) benzene

d) anisole


23. Chloroform reacts with nitric acid to produce

a) nitro toluene

b) nitro glycerine

c) chloropicrin

d) chloropicric acid



a) 2-propanol

b) 2-methyl-2-propanol

c) 1-propanol

d) acetonol


25. Silverpropionate when refluxed with Bromine in carbontetrachloride gives

a) propionic acid

b) chloro ethane

c) bromo ethane

d) chloro propane


Study Material, Lecturing Notes, Assignment, Reference, Wiki description explanation, brief detail

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