Security Analysis and Portfolio Management - BA8021

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Security Analysis and Portfolio Management


=> Financial and Economic meaning of investment
=> Basic Investment Objectives
=> Secondary Objectives of Investment
=> Characteristics of Good Investment
=> Different types of investors
=> Types of investment: or various investment alternatives /avenues
=> Investment Risk and Return Characteristics
=> Types of Risks in Investment


=> Financial market and Types of Financial market
=> Participants in Financial Market
=> Regulatory Environment
=> Methods of Marketing Securities
=> Pure prospectus Method
=> Offer for Sale Method
=> Private Placement Method
=> Initial Public Offer (IPO) Method
=> Rights issue Method
=> Bonus Issues Method
=> Book-building Method
=> Stock Option or employees Stock Option Scheme (ESOP)
=> Bought-out Deals
=> Book Building Process
=> Regulations of primary Market
=> Stock Exchanges in India
=> Trading System in Stock Exchanges
=> SEBI Securities Exchange Board of India


=> Fundamental Analysis
=> Economic Analysis
=> Economic Forecasting
=> Forecasting Techniques
=> Industry or Sector Analysis
=> Industry Classification
=> Industry Life Cycle
=> Company or Corporate Analysis
=> Measuring and Forecasting Earnings
=> Applied Valuation Techniques


=> Technical Analysis
=> Charting - A Technical Tool
=> Efficient Market Theory


=> Portfolio Analysis
=> Efficient Frontier and Portfolio Selection
=> Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
=> Performance Evaluation
=> Mutual Fund

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