Security Analysis and Portfolio Management - BA8021

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Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management


Financial and Economic meaning of investment
Basic Investment Objectives
Secondary Objectives of Investment
Characteristics of Good Investment
Different types of investors
Types of investment: or various investment alternatives /avenues
Investment Risk and Return Characteristics
Types of Risks in Investment


Financial market and Types of Financial market
Participants in Financial Market
Regulatory Environment
Methods of Marketing Securities
Pure prospectus Method
Offer for Sale Method
Private Placement Method
Initial Public Offer (IPO) Method
Rights issue Method
Bonus Issues Method
Book-building Method
Stock Option or employees Stock Option Scheme (ESOP)
Bought-out Deals
Book Building Process
Regulations of primary Market
Stock Exchanges in India
Trading System in Stock Exchanges
SEBI Securities Exchange Board of India


Fundamental Analysis
Economic Analysis
Economic Forecasting
Forecasting Techniques
Industry or Sector Analysis
Industry Classification
Industry Life Cycle
Company or Corporate Analysis
Measuring and Forecasting Earnings
Applied Valuation Techniques


Technical Analysis
Charting - A Technical Tool
Efficient Market Theory


Portfolio Analysis
Efficient Frontier and Portfolio Selection
Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
Performance Evaluation
Mutual Fund

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