Information Architecture on the World Wide Web

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Information Architecture on the World Wide Web

Information Architecture on the World Wide Web

Chapter 1 : What Makes a Web Site Work

What Makes a Web Site Work
Consumer Sensitivity Boot Camp
Web Site Work - If You Don't Like to Exercise
The Role of the Information Architect

Chapter 2 : Introduction to Information Architecture

Who Should Be the Information Architect?
Collaboration and Communication
Organizing Information

Chapter 3 : Organizing Information

Organizing Information
Organizational Challenges
Organizing Web Sites and Intranets
Creating Cohesive Organization Systems
Designing Navigation Systems

Chapter 4 : Designing Navigation Systems

Designing Navigation Systems
Browser Navigation Features
Building Context
Improving Flexibility
Types of Navigation Systems
Integrated Navigation Elements
Remote Navigation Elements
Designing Elegant Navigation Systems
Labeling Systems

Chapter 5 : Labeling Systems

Labeling Systems
Why You Should Care About Labeling
Labeling Systems, Not Labels
Types of Labeling Systems
Creating Effective Labeling Systems
Fine-Tuning the Labeling System
Non-Representational Labeling Systems
A Double Challenge - Labeling Systems
Searching and Your Web Site

Chapter 6 : Searching Systems

Searching and Your Web Site
Understanding How Users Search
Designing the Search Interface
In an Ideal World: The Reference Interview
Indexing the Right Stuff
To Search or Not To Search?

Chapter 7 : Research

Research: Defining Goals
Learning About the Intended Audiences
Identifying Content and Function Requirements
Grouping Content
Conceptual Design

Chapter 8 : Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design
Brainstorming with White Boards and Flip Charts
Metaphor Exploration
High-Level Architecture Blueprints
Architectural Page Mockups
Design Sketches
Web-Based Prototypes
Production and Operations

Chapter 9 : Production and Operations

Production and Operations
Detailed Architecture Blueprints
Content Mapping
Web Page Inventory
Point-of-Production Architecture
Architecture Style Guides
Learning from Users
Information Architecture in Action

Chapter 10 : Information Architecture in Action

Information Architecture in Action
Archipelagoes of Information
A Case Study: Henry Ford Health System

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