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Chapter: 11th Geography : Chapter 5 : Hydrosphere

Glossary - Geography Hydrosphere

Geography : Hydrosphere


Abyssal plains: An extremely large, flat, under water plain on the deep ocean floor.

Continental rise: is area between the continental slope and the sea floor.

Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ): extends from the base line to a maximum of 200 nautical miles (370.4 km).

Isthmus: A narrow steep of land that connects two large land masses and separates two bodies of water.

Hot spot: An area is the mantle from where rocks melt and magma rises through circular to form volcano.

Permafrost: is the condition prevailing when water freezes above and below the ground, (including rock or soil) for more than two consecutive years

Trace elements: A chemical element present in minute amount in a particular sample or environment.

Isohaline: is an imaginary line drawn to join places having equal salinity

Swell: is a type of wind-generated waves that is not affected by the local wind.

Thermohaline circulation: is large circulation of ocean water due to difference in temperature and salinity.

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11th Geography : Chapter 5 : Hydrosphere : Glossary - Geography Hydrosphere | Geography

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