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Gastritis - Stomach and Duodenum

Transient, acute, mucosal inflammation

Stomach and Duodenum




·        Acute gastritis:

o  Transient, acute, mucosal inflammation

o  Causes: aspirin, alcohol, chemotherapy, stress, shock, severe systemic infection

o  Macroscopic appearance: oedema, hyperaemia, superficial erosion

o  Microscopic appearance: neutrophils, sloughing, haemorrhage in the lamina propria

·        Chronic gastritis:

o  Lost velvety appearance, flat (no folds) 

o  Autoimmune type: Associated with antibodies to parietal cells (® achlorhydria) and intrinsic factor. Pernicious anaemia develops in 10%. Usually affects body of the stomach 

o  Helicobacter pylori infection: 

o  Hypertrophic gastritis: enlargement of rugal folds due to hyperplasia. Several causes. Differential: lymphoma can also present with enlargement of rugae


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