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Department: Management of Business Science MBA

Rural Marketing - BA8010

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Rural Marketing
-:- Scope of Rural Marketing
-:- Concepts and Components of rural markets
-:- Classification of rural markets
-:- Factors differentiating Rural marketing from Urban marketing
-:- Rural Marketing Environment
-:- Mechanisms of Rural Marketing
-:- APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority)
-:- SWOT analysis
-:- Rural Areas Requirement
-:- Recent trends in Rural Demand
-:- Consumer buying behavior models
-:- Factors Affecting Consumer Buying Behavior
-:- Economic and Political Factors
-:- Characteristics of Rural Consumer
-:- What Personality Reveals about a Brand
-:- Information Search and pre-purchase evaluation
-:- Stages in consumer buying process
-:- Diffusion of Innovation
-:- Opinion Leadership
-:- Factors of Brand loyalty
-:- Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning
-:- Prerequisites for Effective Segmentation
-:- Approaches to Rural Segmentation
-:- Targeting
-:- Positioning
-:- Product Strategies
-:- Classification of Products
-:- New Products Development
-:- Distribution Strategy
-:- PDS Network
-:- Distribution model
-:- Emerging Distribution Models
-:- Challenges in Rural Communication
-:- Developing Effective Communication
-:- Determining Communication Objectives
-:- Electing the communication channels
-:- Rural Media
-:- The media model
-:- Trends in Rural Marketing
-:- Types of Consumer Credit
-:- Sources of Consumer Finance
-:- Important Questions and Answers: Business Science - Rural Marketing