Chapter: Medicine Study Notes : Renal and Genitourinary


Congenital abnormalities: o Double/bifid ureters o Megaureter o Hydroureter



·        Congenital abnormalities:

o  Double/bifid ureters

o  Megaureter

o  Hydroureter

o  Usually present with UTIs

o  May have abnormalities elsewhere

·        Ureteritis:

o  Associated with generalised UTI

o  May be caused by stones lodging the ureter

o  Rarely caused by Tb

·        Transitional Cell Carcinoma:

o  Transitional between squamous and glandular epithelium.  Tumours typically papillary/frond like

o  Similar histology to renal and bladder TCC

o  Infiltrates early to retroperitoneum with poor prognosis


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