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Supplier Selection

The suppliers should be selected with the following ten conditions



The suppliers should be selected with the following ten conditions


1.     The supplier should understand clearly the management philosophy of the organization.

2.     The supplier should have stable management system.

The supplier should maintain high technical standards.


4.     The supplier should provide the raw materials and parts which meet quality specifications required by the purchaser.


5.     The supplier should have the required capability in terms of production.

6.     The supplier should not leak out the corporate secrets.


7.     The supplier should quote right price and should meet the delivery schedule. The supplier should be accessible with respect to transportation and communication.


8.     The supplier should be sincere in implementing the contract provisions.

9.     The supplier should have an effective quality system such as ISO / QS 9000.

10.The supplier should be renowned for customer satisfaction.




A certified supplier is one which, after extensive investigation, is found to supply material of such quality that is not necessary to perform routine testing.


The Eight criteria for supplier certification are


1.     No product related lot rejections for at least 1 year.

2.     No non-product related rejections for atleast 6 months.

3.     No production related negative incidents for atleast 6 months.

4.     Should have passed a recent on-site quality system evaluation.

5.     Having a fully agreed specifications.

6.     Fully documented process and quality system.

7.     Timely copies of inspection and test data.

8.     Process that is stable and in control


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