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Stages of Team Development

Main elements of effective teamwork are as follows: 1. Purpose 2. Role and responsibilities 3. Activities 4. Effectiveness 5. Decisions 6. Results, and 7. Recognition.



Main elements of effective teamwork are as follows:


1. Purpose


2. Role and responsibilities


3. Activities


4. Effectiveness

 5. Decisions


6. Results, and


7. Recognition.


Figure depicts the seven main elements of effective teamwork .




Each term takes sometime to start functioning effectively towards problem solving. Each team goes through six distinct stage s in its development. These are farming, storming, norming, performing maintenance and evaaluating.


1. Farming stage : When a team is created, it consist of group of individuals and team work does not exist at this stage. Team’s purpo se, members’ roles, acceptance of roles, authority and process of

functioning are learnt in the form ation process.


2.  Storming stage : Initial agree ments and role allocations are challenged and re-established at this stage of team development. At th is stage, hostilities and personal needs often e merge which may be resolved.


3. Norming stage : During norming stage of team development, formal and informal relationships get established among team member s. Openness and cooperation have been observe d as signs of team’s



4. Performing stage : At this stage, the team starts operating in successful manner. Trust, openness, healthy conflict and decisiveness of a group’s performance can be reached at this stage.



5. Maintenance stage : Functioning of team does not deteriorate overtime. At this stage, the performance of teamwork at the earlier stage will be maintained for some period of time.


6.Evaluating stage : At this stage, team’s performance is to be evaluated in view of the set targets.


Both self-evaluation and management-based evaluation form this stage of team development.


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