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Intrinsic Vs Extrinsic Rewards

INTRINSIC REWARDS Related to feeling of accomplishment or self worth.





Related  to feeling  of  accomplishment  or self worth        


1.  Non monetary forms of recognition   to acknowledge achievement of   quality improvement goals

2.  Celebrations to acknowledge   achievement of quality      improvement goals   

3.  Regular expression of appreciation   by managers and leaders to   employees to acknowledge achievement of quality      improvement goals   

4.  360o   performance   appraisals   feedback  from   co-workers,   subordinates  or customers is   incorporated  into   performance  appraisal     

5.  Formal suggestion system available   for  individuals  to  make  quality   improvement suggestion

6.  Developmental  based   performance   appraisals     

7.  Quality based promotion





Related to pay or compensation issues


1.  Profit sharing   

2.  Gain sharing   

3.  Employment security 

4.  Compensation time 

5.  Individual  based  performance   systems   

6.  Quality based  performance   appraisals






Send thank letter whenever possible Develop behind the scenes award Create the best ideas of the year booklet


Feature the quality team of the month and put their picture in prominent place


Honor peers by recognizing them


Allow people to attend meetings in your name when you are not available Involve teams with external customers and suppliers by visiting them Invite a team for coffee or lunch whenever possible


Create a visibility will displaying posters, pictures, to thank the contributions of employee


Credit the team to higher authorities when their ideas are accepted

Take interest in employee‘s development


Get the team picture in company newspaper


Mention the ideas of others during your meetings, so that they are recognized


Write a letter of praise to contributed team member and copy to boss Ask people to help you with the project which is difficult but challenging


Send a team to special seminars, workshops to cover topics they are really interested in


Ask your boss to send a letter of acknowledgement and thanks Honor outstanding contribution with awards


Have a stock of small gifts to give to people on the spot whom you catch doing things right


Promote or nominate for promotion, those people who contribute most


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