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Chapter: 12th Zoology : Principles of Inheritance and Variation

Principles of Inheritance and Variation: Evaluation

Zoology : Principles of Inheritance and Variation



1. Haemophilia is more common in males because it is a

a) Recessive character carried by Y-chromosome

b) Dominant character carried by Y-chromosome

c) Dominant trait carried by X-chromosome

d) Recessive trait carried by X-chromosome


2. ABO blood group in man is controlled by

a) Multiple alleles

b) Lethal genes

c) Sex linked genes

d) Y-linked genes


3. Three children of a family have blood groups A, AB and B. What could be the genotypes of their parents?

a) IA IB and ii

b) IA Io and IBIo

c) IB IB and IA IA

d) IA IA and ii


4. Which of the following is not correct?

a) Three or more alleles of a trait in the population are called multiple alleles.

b) A normal gene undergoes mutations to form many alleles

c) Multiple alleles map at different loci of a chromosome

d) A diploid organism has only two alleles out of many in the population


5. Which of the following phenotypes in the progeny are possible from the parental combination AxB?

a) A and B only

b) A,B and AB only

c) AB only

d) A,B,AB and O


6. Which of the following phenotypes is not possible in the progeny of the parental genotypic combination IAIO X IAIB?

a) AB

b) O

c) A

d) B


7. Which of the following is true about Rh factor in the offspring of a parental combination DdXDd (both Rh positive)?

a) All will be Rh-positive

b) Half will be Rh positive

c) About ¾ will be Rh negative

d) About one fourth will be Rh negative


8. What can be the blood group of offspring when both parents have AB blood group?

a) AB only

b) A, B and AB

c) A, B, AB and O

d) A and B only


9. If the childs blood group is ‘O’ and fathers blood group is ‘A’ and mother’s blood group is ‘B’ the genotype of the parents will be

a) IA IA and IB Io

b) IA Io and IB Io

c) IA Io and IoIo

d) IoIo and IB IB


10. XO type of sex determination and XY type of sex determination are examples of

a) Male heterogamety

b) Female heterogamety

c) Male homogamety

d) Both (b) and (c)


11. In an accident there is great loss of blood and there is no time to analyse the blood group which blood can be safely transferred?

a) ‘O’ and Rh negative

b) ‘O’ and Rh positive

c)’B’ and Rh negative

d) ‘AB’ and Rh positive


12. Father of a child is colourblind and mother is carrier for colourblindness, the probability of the child being colourblind is

a) 25%

b) 50%

c) 100%

d) 75%


13. A marriage between a colourblind man and a normal woman produces

a) All carrier daughters and normal sons

b) 50% carrier daughters, 50% normal daughters

c) 50% colourblind sons, 50% normal sons

d) All carrier offsprings


14. Mangolism is a genetic disorder which is caused by the presence of an extra chromosome number

a) 20

b) 21

c) 4

d) 23


15. Klinefelters’ syndrome is characterized by a karyotype of

a) XYY

b) XO

c) XXX

d) XXY


16. Females with Turners’ syndrome have

a) Small uterus

b) Rudimentary ovaries

c) Underdeveloped breasts

d) All of these


17. Pataus’ syndrome is also referred to as

a) 13-Trisomy

b) 18-Trisormy

c) 21-Trisormy

d) None of these


18. Who is the founder of Modern Eugenics movement?

a) Mendel

b) Darwin

c) Francis Galton

d) Karl pearson


19. Improvement of human race by encouraging the healthy persons to marry early and produce large number of children is called

a) Positive eugenics

b) Negative eugenics

c) Positive euthenics

d) Positive euphenics


20. The _______deals with the control of several inherited human diseases especially inborn errors of metabolism

a) Euphenics

b) Eugenics

c) Euthenics

d) All of these


21. “Universal Donor” and “Universal Recipients” blood group are _____ and_______respectively

a) AB, O

b) O, AB

c) A, B

d) B, A


22. ZW-ZZ system of sex determination occurs in

a) Fishes

b) Reptiles

c) Birds

d) All of these


23. Co-dominant blood group is

a) A

b) AB

c) B

d) O


24. Which of the following is incorrect regarding ZW-ZZ type of sex determination?

a) It occurs in birds and some reptiles

b) Females are homogametic and males are heterogametic

c) Male produce two types of gametes

d) It occurs in gypsy moth


25. What is haplodiploidy?


26. Distinguish between heterogametic and homogametic sex determination systems.


27. What is Lyonisation?


28. What is criss-cross inheritance?


29. Why are sex linked recessive characters more common in the male human beings?


30. What are holandric genes?


31. Mention the symptoms of Phenylketonuria.


32. Mention the symptoms of Downs syndrome.


33. Differentiate Intersexes from Supersexes.


34. Explain the genetic basis of ABO blood grouping man.


35. How is sex determined in human beings?


36. Explain male heterogamety.


37. Brief about female heterogamety.


38. Give an account of genetic control of Rh factor.


39. Explain the mode of sex determination in honeybees.


40. Discuss the genic balance mechanism of sex determination with reference to Drosophila.


41. What are the applications of Karyotyping?


42. Explain the inheritance of sex linked characters in human being.


43. What is extra chromosomal inheritance? Explain with an example.


44. Comment on the methods of Eugenics.

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