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Justice : elements, Origin, Meaning, Types or kinds

The important elements of justice are, 1. Law 2. Liberty 3. Rights 4. Equality


The important elements of justice are,

1.    Law


2.     Liberty


3.     Rights


4.     Equality


This includes fraternity also, in this section relevant aspects of justice are described.

Origin of Justice :


Justice is derived from Latin 'Justitia' meaning the idea of the word of joining or fitting, the idea of bond or tie. Justice is an important concept in politics, philosophy, law and ethics.


It has been analysed and defined by different philosophers in different ways. The quest for justice began with the beginning of human thinking. Justice has been understood differently different contexts. There are many wars, struggles, revolutions and social movements, which were inspired by the idea of justice as well as other ideals like liberty and equality. Of all other ideals to understand the political civilization of a notion, we tend to focus on the degree of justice as realized in its judicial administration and social and political life, both as between the private citizens and the wielders of governmental authority.


The term justice has not remained static rather it has changed with the change of time and circumstances. It is closely associated with the religion, morality, equality, liberty, property, law, politics and economic system.


Different social systems perceive different conceptions of justice. In this lesson we shall study about the sources of justice, the relevance of justice in a society and about legal justice which is one among the different kinds of justice.




It is difficult to give a precise meaning of the term 'Justice'. Political thinkers and jurists had given different meanings and definitions. The reason for this is that the contents and implications of justice differ from country to country and also form time to time.


What was justice in the past is not justice in the present day. Therefore it is difficult to define justice. In the ordinary sense justice means to give an aggrieved party what is due to it and punish an individual or a group of individuals or an agency whenever and offence is committed.


This is done on the basis of the of land and in accordance with the basic principles of justice.

Arstotle's throty of justice :


There are three kinds of justice according to Aristotle. They are.


1. Retributive justice : This giving punishment to an individual for the crime committed by him.

2. Compensatory justice : This is a principle which suggests to give compensation to a victim of a crime (or a criminal).


3. Redistributive justice : According to this principle benefits and burdens are redistributed.


Aristotle's ideas in morals and justice are found in his book entitle 'Nichomachean Ethics'. There are thinkers like Adam Smith and John Rawls who had dealt with justice.

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