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Department: Civil Engineering

Environmental Engineering II - CE6605

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Environmental Engineering II
-:- Planning For Sewerage Systems : Introduction: Necessity For Sanitation
-:- Importance of sewerage system
-:- Definitions of some common terms used in the sanitary engineering
-:- Methods of domestic waste water disposal
-:- Different Methods of domestic waste water disposal include (Systems of Sanitation)
-:- Separate And Partially System Of Sewage
-:- Sources of Sewage
-:- Sources of Sewerage Systems: Rate of water
-:- Quantity of storm water
-:- Important Question And Answer: Planning For Sewarage Systems
-:- Sewerage : Design philosophy
-:- Sewer Design: Design Steps
-:- Design of sanitary sewer systems
-:- sewers Design Procedures
-:- Important Question And Answer: Sewer Design
-:- Treatment of Sewage: Introduction
-:- Pre-treatment of Sewage
-:- Sewage Treatment: Screening and Pre aeration tanks
-:- Sewage Treatment: Primary sedimentation tanks
-:- Sewage Treatment: Odour control
-:- Sewage Treatment: Septic Tank
-:- Important Question And Answer: Primary Treatment Of Sewage
-:- Secondary Treatment Of Sewage: Ammonification, Biological Characteristics
-:- Sewage Treatment : Nitrification and De-Nitrification
-:- Sewage Treatment : The Operation
-:- Phosphorus Removal from Waste Water
-:- Suspended Solids Removal
-:- wastewater treatment : Chemical Oxidation
-:- Wastewater Disposal
-:- Important Question And Answer: Secondary Treatment Of Sewage
-:- Disposal Of Sewage And Sludge : Introduction
-:- Wastewater Characteristics
-:- Importance of Improved Wastewater Characterization
-:- Future Trends in Wastewater Treatment
-:- Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs), Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs), and Nonpoint Sources
-:- Wastewater Reclamation And Reuse
-:- Biosolids And Residuals Management
-:- Future Trends in Biosolids Processing
-:- Important Question And Answer: Disposal Of Sewage And Sludge