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Chapter: Civil : Environmental Engineering : Sewer Design

Important Question And Answer: Sewer Design

Civil - Environmental Engineering - Sewer Design

Important Question And Answer: Sewer Design



1.  What are the Demerits of chemical precipitation?



        High cost of chemicals


        Large quantity of sludge which offers difficulty of its removal


        Skilled attendance


        Putrescible efficient



2.  What do you mean by chemical precipitation?


When certain chemicals are added to, sewage they produce a precipitate known as flow which in insoluble or slightly soluble in water. The flow attracts small particles to form large size and thus size goes on increasing during the process of settlement.



3. What is do you mean by transitional setting zone?


Grit particles however, generally lie between 0.1mm and 1 mm, and hence undergo settling which lies in between streamline settling and turbulent settling. This settling zone is called the transitional settling zone



4.What are the users of Baffle?


        Baffler are required to prevent the movement of organic matter and its escape along with the efficient


        Distribute the sewage uniformly through the cross section of the tank.


        It is used to avoid short circuiting



5.What are the classifications of biological process?


        Aerobic processes


        Anaerobic processes


        Aerobic -anaerobic processes

6.List out the aerobic processes?


        Activated sludge processes


        Trickling filters


        Aerobic stabilization pond


        Aerated lagoon


7.List out the anaerobic process?


        Anaerobic sludge digestion,


        Anaerobic contact processes


        Anaerobic filters


        Anaerobic lagoons or ponds



8.What are the sources of waste water?


        Domestic waste water (i.e sewage)


        Agricultural return waste water


        Industrial waste water



9.What are the methods involved in the treatment of waste water?


Mainly classified into


        Conventional treatment methods


        Advanced waste waster treatment



Conventional treatment methods


        Preliminary processes


        Primary treatment


        Secondary treatment


Advanced waste water treatment


Tertiary treatment



10.What are the functions involved in the chemical unit processes


        Chemical precipitation


        Gas transfer







11.What do you understand by waste water treatment?


The waste water treatment or sewage treatment is a broad term that applies to any process/operation or combination of processes and operations that can reduce the objectionable properties of water carried waste and render it less dangerous with the following.



        Removal of suspended and floatable material


        Treatment of biodegradable organics


Elimination of patheogenic organisms

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