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Entrepreneurship Development - BA8023

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Entrepreneurship Development

-:- Entrepreneural Competence
-:- Important Questions and Answers: Entrepreneural Competence
-:- Entrepreneurship concept
-:- Entrepreneurship as a Career
-:- Entrepreneurial Personality
-:- Characteristics, Knowledge and Skills of Entrepreneur
-:- Business Entrepreneural Environment
-:- Role of Family and Society in Entrepreneural Environment
-:- Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDP)
-:- Government Policies for Small Scale Enterprises
-:- Small Enterprises in International Business
-:- Important Short questions and Answers: Entrepreneural Environment
-:- Business Plan Preparation
-:- Sources of Product for Business
-:- Business Pre-feasibility Studies
-:- Criteria for Selection Process - Business Plan Preparation
-:- Ownership Structure and Capital - Business Plan Preparation
-:- Budgeting Project Profile Preparation
-:- Matching Entrepreneur with the Project
-:- Feasibility Report Preparation and Evaluative Criteria
-:- Important Short Questions and Answers: Business Plan Preparation
-:- Financial Planning - Launching of Small Business
-:- Human Resource Mobilization
-:- Production and Operation Management - Small Business
-:- Marketing and Channel Selection - Small Business
-:- Growth strategies in small business
-:- Product Launching - Launching of Small Business
-:- Incubation - Launching of Small Business
-:- Venture capital and IT startups - Launching of Small Business
-:- Important Questions and answers: Launching of Small Business
-:- Monitoring and Evaluation of Small Business
-:- Industrial Sickness - Management of Small Business
-:- Effective Management of small Business
-:- Important Questions and answers: Management of Small Business