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Chapter: Information Security

Securing Components

Protecting the components from potential misuse and abuse by unauthorized users.



Protecting the components from potential misuse and abuse by unauthorized users.


ü Subject of an attack


Computer is used as an active tool to conduct the attack.


ü Object of an attack


Computer itself is the entity being attacked


Two types of attacks:


1.     Direct attack


2.     Indirect attack

1.  Direct attack


When a Hacker uses his personal computer to break into a system.[Originate from the threat itself]


2.  Indirect attack


When a system is compromised and used to attack other system.


[Originate from a system or resource that itself has been attacked, and is malfunctioning or working under the control of a threat].


A computer can, therefore, be both the subject and object of an attack when ,for example, it is first the object of an attack and then compromised and used to attack other systems, at which point it becomes the subject of an attack.




   Has to provide the security and is also feasible to access the information for its application.

   Information Security cannot be an absolute: it is a process, not a goal.

   Should balance protection and availability.




Approaches to Information Security Implementation


ü Bottom- up- approach.

ü Top-down-approach

- Has higher probability of success.

- Project is initiated by upper level managers who issue policy & procedures & processes.

- Dictate the goals & expected outcomes of the project.


- Determine who is suitable for each of the required action.


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