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Roundness measuring machine

Roundness measuring instruments are two types. 1. Rotating pick up type. 2. Turn table type.

Roundness measuring machine


Roundness is the property of a surface of revolution, where all points on the surface are equidistant from the axis. The roundness of any profile can be specified only when same center is found from which to make the measurements. The diameter and roundness are measured by different method and instruments. For measurement of diameter it is done statically, for measuring roundness, rotation is always necessary. Roundness measuring instruments are two types.


1. Rotating pick up type.


2. Turn table type.


These are accurate, speed and reliable measurements. The rotating pick up type the work piece is stationary and the pickup revolved. In the turn table the work piece is rotated and pick up is stationery. On the rotating type, spindle is designed to carry the light load of the pickup. The weight of the work piece, being stationary and is easy to make. In the turn table type the pickup is not associated with the spindle. This is easier to measure roundness. Reposition the pickup has no effects on the reference axis.


The pickup converts the circuit movement of the stylus into electrical signal, which is processed and amplified and fed to a polar recorder. A microcomputer is incorporated with integral visual display unit and system is controlled from compact keyboards, which increases the system versatility, scope and speed of analysis. System is programmed to access the roundness of work piece with respect to any four of the internationality recognized reference circles. A visual display of work piece profile can be obtained. Work piece can be assessed over a circumference, and with undercut surface or an interrupted surface with sufficient data the reference circle can be fitted to the profile. The program also provides functions like auto centering, auto ranging, auto calibration and concentricity.

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