Chapter: Software Architectures : Documenting the Architecture


ACME was developed jointly by Monroe, Garlan (CMU) and Wile (USC)

What is an Architecture Description Language?

      modelling notation to support architecture-based development

       used to define and model system architecture prior to detailed design and implementation

       little consensus as to what is an ADL, what aspects of an architecture should be modelled in an ADL, and which of several possible ADLs is best

       Related to OO Modelling Languages and Module interconnection languages (MILs)


      ACME was developed  jointly by Monroe, Garlan (CMU) and Wile (USC)

      ACME is a general purpose ADL originally designed to be a lowest common denominator interchange language

      ACME as a language is extremely simple (befitting its origin as an interchange language)

      ACME has no native behavioral specification facility so only syntactic linguistic analysis is possible

     there are currently efforts under consideration to define a behavioral semantics for ACME, possibly along the Wright/CSP line

      ACME has no native generation capability

      ACME has seen some native tool development, and there are indications of more, as well as use of other language tools via interchange

ACME Overview

      Provides constructs for describing systems as graphs of components interacting via connectors, a representation mechanism for hierarchical decomposition of components and connectors into subsystems.

       Does not provide a specific model for describing system behaviour, instead elements may be annotated with properties that represent this Information.

       Rather than providing a fixed set of models for formulating solutions, Acme provides general, domain-neutral foundation for developing new tools and notations.

       Structures provided by Acme are based on the informal box and line diagrams traditionally used to depict the architecture of the system. Acme helps a designer document design decisions and reason about the implications of those decisions.

An ADL Example (in ACME)


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