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International Business Management - BA8402

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International Business Management

-:- International Business Management
-:- Internationalization of Business
-:- Factors causing Globalization of Business
-:- Country Attractiveness
-:- International business environment - Political, Economic and Cultural environment
-:- Protectionism and Trade Liberalisation
-:- International Trade and Investment
-:- Promotion of Global Business
-:- Role of GATT and WTO
-:- Mulilateral Trade nogotiations & Agreements VII & IX
-:- Challenges for Global Business
-:- Theories of International Trade & Investment
-:- RTB Regional trade Block - Types, Advantages and Disadvantages
-:- Strategic Compulsions - International Strategic Management
-:- Global Portfolio Management and Global Entry Strategies
-:- Organizational issues of international business
-:- Controlling of international business
-:- Performance of Global Business and Performance Evaluation System
-:- Global Production Strategies
-:- International Location Decisions
-:- Scale of Operations
-:- Make-or-Buy Decision
-:- Global Supply Chain Issues
-:- Quality Considerations in International Business
-:- Seven Considerations for International Licensing
-:- Globalization in Markets
-:- International Marketing Strategy
-:- Challenges in Product Development
-:- Investment Decisions
-:- Sources of Fund
-:- Exchange Rate Risk & Management
-:- Strategic Orientation
-:- Selection of expatriate managers
-:- International Training and Development
-:- Advantages of international business
-:- Disadvantages of international business
-:- Conflict in international business
-:- Sources and types of conflict
-:- Conflict resolutions processes
-:- Negotiation
-:- The role of international agencies
-:- Ethics in International Business
-:- Ethical Decisions in International Business
-:- Important Short Questions and Answers: International Business Management