Economics - 1

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1 Economic Growth and Development

=> Indian Economy : Economic Growth and Development
=> Characteristics of underdeveloped countries
=> Role of the State in Economic Development
=> Rostow's Stages of Economic Growth

2 Population

=> Population and Factors determining population growth
=> Causes of Population Explosion
=> Population Explosion as an obstacle to Economic Development
=> Steps to check rapid growth of population
=> Theories of Population : Malthusian, Demographic Transition
=> Census and The Use of Population Census
=> Population growth in India and National Population Policy 2000 - Measures, Action Plans

3 Poverty and Unemployment

=> Definitions of Poverty
=> Types of poverty
=> Poverty Line and Characteristics of Poor Households
=> Causes of Poverty in India
=> Land Reforms in India
=> Unemployment
=> Measures to Solve Unemployment Problem in India

4 National Income

=> Definitions of National Income
=> Basic Concepts of National Income - GNP, GDP, GNI, NNP, NNI, PCI
=> Circular Flow of Income and Need for the Study of National Income
=> Methods of Calculating National Income
=> Problems in calculating National Income
=> National Income Series in India

5 Economic Planning

=> Meaning and Need for Economic Planning and Laissez faire
=> Characteristics of Economic Planning
=> Types of Planning
=> Evolution and Objectives of Planning in India
=> National Income - Hindu rate of growth
=> Ninth(9th) Five Year Plan (1997 - 2002) - India
=> Tenth(10th) Five Year Plan (2002 - 2007) - India

6 Agriculture

=> Role of Agriculture in Economic Development
=> Relationship between Agricultural and non-agricultural sector
=> Components of Agricultural Growth
=> Agricul.tural Crops and Cropping Pattern
=> Importance of agricultural marketing
=> Nature and Causes of food problem in India
=> Food policy of Government of India
=> Public Distribution System (PDS)
=> Agricultural Price Policies of the Government - India
=> Trends of Agricultural Productivity in India

7 Industrial Sector

=> Need for Industrialisation
=> Patterns of Industrial Development
=> Significance of Public Sector
=> Pattern of Indian Industrial Growth - Textiles, Cement, Sugar, Steel Industry
=> Indian Industrial Policies
=> New Industrial Policy 1991 - India
=> Liberalization and Privatization
=> Environmental Hazards
=> Role of Small Scale Industries in Economic Development

8 Banking

=> Indian Economy :History of Banking
=> Definition of Banking
=> Role of Banks in economic development
=> Commercial Banks and Functions of Commercial Banks
=> central bank - Definition, Functions
=> Methods of credit control employed by the central bank
=> Nationalisation of Banks

9 Foreign Trade

=> Foreign Trade : Globalization, Liberalization
=> Foreign Investment
=> Evolution of Trade from barter system to money economy
=> Need for International Trade
=> Contribution of foreign trade to economic development
=> International Monetary Fund (IMF)
=> Trends in Foreign Trade
=> Volume of India's foreign trade
=> Composition and Direction of Trade - Export, Imports of India
=> Balance of Trade and Balance of Payment
=> The Role of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
=> World Trade Organization (WTO) and Major Functions
=> International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)
=> Special Action Programme (SAP) and Structural Adjustment Facility (SAF)

10 Human Resource Development

=> Human Resource Development
=> HRD and Economic Development
=> Educational Development in India since 1951
=> Educational progress in Tamil Nadu
=> Non - Formal Education (NFE) and Adult Literacy
=> Early childhood care and education programme in India

11 Statistical Analysis and Measures of Central Tendency

=> Statistical Analysis and Measures of Central Tendency
=> Statistical Analysis : Classification of Data
=> Difference between classification and Tabulation
=> Types of Diagrams : 1.Bar chart 2.Pie chart 3.Pictograms or cartograms

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