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Department: Management of Business Science MBA

Business Ethics Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance - BA8401

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Business Ethics Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance

-:- Introduction of Business Ethics
-:- Characteristics of Business Ethics
-:- Ethics Theories
-:- What are the Causes of Unethical Behavior in the Workplace?
-:- Work ethics
-:- Code of Business Conduct
-:- Public Good
-:- Management of Ethics
-:- Ethics Analysis (Hosmer Model)
-:- Analysis of Ethical Problems in Management
-:- Ethical dilemma
-:- Ethics in practice
-:- Ethics for managers
-:- Role and function of ethical managers
-:- Comparative ethical behaviour of managers
-:- Code of ethics
-:- Competitiveness
-:- Organizational size
-:- Profitability and ethics
-:- Cost of ethics in Corporate ethics evaluation
-:- Business and ecological / environmental issues in the Indian context and case studies
-:- Politics and Legal Environmental Ethics
-:- Provisions of the Indian Constitution
-:- Political Setup - Major characteristics & their implications for business
-:- Prominent features of MRTP and FERA
-:- Socio-Cultural Environment and their Impact on Business Operations
-:- Salient features of Indian Culture and values
-:- Environmental Ethics
-:- Economic Environment - Environmental Ethics
-:- Philosophy of economic grow and its implications for business
-:- Economic grow - implications for business
-:- Main features of Economic Planning with respect to business
-:- Industrial policy and framework of government contract over Business
-:- Role of chamber of commerce and confederation of Indian Industries
-:- Definition, Evolution and need for CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)
-:- Corporate Governance Theories
-:- Corporate citizenship
-:- Strategies for Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)
-:- Challenges and implementation
-:- Evolution of corporate governance
-:- Case Studies on Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance