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Chapter: 11th Zoology : Chapter 1 : The Living World

The Living World: Important Questions

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The Living World




1. A living organism is differentiated from non-living structure based on

a. Reproduction

b. Growth

c. Metabolism

d. All the above

e. Movement


2. A group of organisms having similar traits of a rank is

a. Species

b. Taxon

c. Genus

d. Family


3. Every unit of classification regardless of its rank is

a. Taxon

b. Variety

c. Species

d. Strain


4. Which of the following is not present in same rank?

a. Primata

b. Orthoptera

c. Diptera

d. Insecta


5. What taxonomic aid gives comprehensive information about a taxon?

a. Taxonomic Key

b. Herbarium

c. Flora

d. Monograph


6. Who coined the term biodiversity?

a. Walter Rosen

b. AG Tansley

c. Aristotle

d. AP de Candole


7. Cladogram considers the following characters

a. Physiological and Biochemical

b. Evolutionary and Phylogenetic

c. Taxonimic and systematic

d. None of the above


8. Molecular taxonomic tool consists of

a. DNA and RNA

b. Mitochondria and Endocplamic reticulum

c. Cell wall and Membrane proteins

d. All the above


9. Differentiate between probiotics and pathogenic bacteria

10. Why mule is sterile in nature?

11. List any five salient features of the family Felidae

12. What is the role of Charles Darwin in relation to concept of species?

13. Why elephants and other wild animals are entering into human living area?

14. What is the difference between a Zoo and wild life sanctuary?

15. Can we use recent molecular tools to identify and classify organisms?

16. Explain the role of Latin and Greek names in Biology.

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