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Chapter: 11th Zoology : Chapter 1 : The Living World

Need for classification

To identify and differentiate closely related species

Need for classification


We come across many places where things are arranged in specific categories. In super markets, the shelves can have rows and columns of groceries, cosmetics, toys, stationeries, snacks and utensils. If it is not arranged in a well organized manner, customers and sales persons will waste lot of time in finding an item. In the same way, libraries also organize the books alphabetically or genres- wise into autobiographies, novels, kids stories, science fictions, etc. Likewise it is nearly impossible to study all the living organism hence it becomes necessary to device some means and methods to make this possible and this process is called classification. Classification is a process by which things are grouped in convenient categories, based on easily observable characters. The scientific term used for these categories is taxa (taxon–singular). Taxa indicates categories at different levels, for example Kingdom Animalia, includes multicellular animals such as reptiles, mammals, etc. Based on their characteristics, all living organisms can be classified into different taxa. This science of classification- is called taxonomy. -External and internal structures along with developmental processes and ecological information of organisms are essential, as they form basis of the taxonomical studies. Hence, characterisation, identification, nomenclature and classification- are the scientific stages that are basic to taxonomy.


The basic need for classifications are:



                  To identify and differentiate closely related species


                  To know the variation among the species


                  To understand the evolution of the species


                  To create a phylogenetic tree among the different groups


                  To conveniently study living organisms


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11th Zoology : Chapter 1 : The Living World : Need for classification |

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