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Respiration: Glossary

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Apnoea – Temporary stopping of respiration.

Book gills – Respiratory organs in aquatic Limulus.

Book lungs – Respiratory organs of Scorpions and most spiders.

COLD – Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease.

Dyspnoea – painful respiration.

Epiglottis – a thin elastic cartilaginous flap which covers the glottis and prevents the entry of food into the larynx.

Haemoglobin – iron containing red pigment of RBCs of vertebrates, gives red colour to blood.

Herring-Breuer reflex – a defensive mechanism against over dilation of lungs.

Hypoxia – the failure of tissues for any reason to receive an adequate supply of oxygen.

Pneumothorax – presence of air in the pleural cavity which causes collapsing of lungs.

Vocal cords – sound regulating cords also called larynx or voice box.

Yawning – prolonged inspiration due to increase in CO2  concentration.

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